Our office will achieve its vision through the following projects:

Voto Latino: Education, Mobilization, and Empowerment of the Latino Community
Over 50 million Latin@s live in America, yet we constitute less than 15% of the electorate. As senator, I will engage Latin@ students in educating and registering Latin@ voters to maximize the voice of our community in the 2012 Presidential election. Mobilizing the more than 2 million eligible Latin@ voters will be monumental to Comprehensive Immigration Reform and passage of the Federal DREAM Act.

Diversifying the Career Center and its Resources
The programming and resources offered by the Career Center are not reflective of the diverse career interests of the student body. The Career Center’s relocation to campus will increase its accessibility; however, we must also increase its relevance to underrepresented students. As senator, I will work with the Career Center to diversify programming and resources to ensure that students from any major can find professional opportunities relevant to their career goals.

Increasing Access to Student Services
Budget cuts have limited the funding of student services necessary for academic success. I will advocate for increased access to study spaces, tutoring services, and peer advisors that are crucial to academic retention and the transition of freshmen and transfer students. As senator, I will advocate for increased library hours and expansion of services aimed at increasing academic achievement.

The Report on the Current State of the Chican@/Latin@ Community at UC Berkeley
It is clear that the increasing budget cuts and rising tuition fees have dramatically affected the resources available to our community. In the upcoming year, we plan on drafting the first ever report on the state of the Chican@/Latin@ community at UC Berkeley in order to better communicate the needs of our community to administration through a formal report. The goal of this report is to ensure that administration understands the needs of the community and to begin a critical dialogue in how the campus can better serve our community on campus.


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