ASUC Sponsorship

Types of ASUC Sponsorship:
There are three types of student groups: Activity Group (interest based student group – ex: educational, sports, cultural), Publications (student group that publishes a magazine, newspaper, etc.), or a Student Initiated Service Group/SISG (humanitarian, philanthropy, or service oriented group).

ASUC Sponsorship Process:
Now that you know what type of student group you are a part of, ensure that your group is registered with the LEAD Center (formerly the Center for Student Leadership). Once registered with that office, please contact our office so that we can draft a bill in support of your organization receiving ASUC Sponsorship.The bill will be discussed at the next ASUC Senate’s Finance Committee meeting, which take place Mondays at 9pm in Hearst Gym. If everything goes according to plan, your organization will gain sponsorship in no time and next step is funding!

Criteria for Sponsorship:
(Title 2 Article 3.6 of ASUC By-Laws)
-Supplements or enhances academic preparation or development.
-Promotes or recognizes academic performance.
-Promotes an awareness and understanding of the ideas, customs, arts, languages, and social
contributions of specific cultures.
-Promotes or sponsors community service
-Promotes discussion or debate of public issues from a variety of perspectives or viewpoints
-Develops personal, professional or career-related skills
-Provides recreational or social activities for students
-Allows students the freedom to choose and develop their own individual religious, ideological, and
political beliefs
-Provides an opportunity for students to express their opinions, beliefs, and ideologies through the
print medium
-Provides a forum for the expression of self, as a connection to a broader society, for the
transference of knowledge gained, and as a conduit for new knowledge.
-Actions of the group do not jeopardize ASUC’s non-profit status.

Benefits of Sponsorship:
(Title 2 Article 3.3 of ASUC By-Laws)
-Use the name of the ASUC (in a manner consistent with these and other By-Laws and policies)
-Apply for funding from the Senate Contingency Fund
-Apply for office space in Eshleman as outlined in other By-Laws
-Apply for a fee-waiver for the usage of MLK Student Union rooms (including Pauley Ballroom)

Requirements of Sponsorship:
(Title 2 Article 3.4 of ASUC By-Laws)
-Groups must display the words “Sponsored by the ASUC” or “ASUC” on all flyers or advertising for
-Groups must indicate the degree of wheelchair accessibility at events described by flyer or
-Groups must provide an internet link on the group’s homepage back to the official ASUC website at if the group possesses a homepage
-Groups must display their organizations name and/or contact information (ie. Email addresses, phone
numbers, office numbers, etc.) on all flyers and advertisements


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