About Us

Hello Community,

My name is Daley Vertiz and I am a 4th year Business Administration major. I am one of the two elected Senators representing the RAZA community this upcoming year. As a Raza Senator, I will collaborate with several community spaces (Raza Recruitment and Retention Center, Raza Caucus, and others) to promote the Latin@/Chican@ agenda within the ASUC and throughout campus administration.

The overall goal of our office is to increase the presence of the Raza community within the ASUC Student government, as well as increasing the presence of the ASUC within our RAZA community. Through achieving establishing this vision, it is my hope that we can develop the pipeline of Latino and Latina leadership within all of our community spaces and the ASUC as a whole. The development of leadership in our youngest community members will serve as the roots to the progress of our community on campus and in society as a whole.

It is with great pleasure that I can say our office will work in conjunction with the office of  Senator Sidronio Jacobo. I am grateful for the support of our entire community in helping us achieve our goal of successfully electing 2 RAZA senators to the ASUC Senate. With over 30 active RAZA organizations and multiple RAZA spaces on campus, our community deserves representation by 2 senators. We hope to make this a permanent tradition.

Do not hesitate to contact us:
Daley Vertiz

Best regards,

Daley Vertiz

ASUC Senator 2012-2013


Screen shot 2012-12-01 at 12.53.14 PM


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