5 Steps to ASUC Money

Does Your Organization Need Money?

Step 1: To be eligible for ASUC funding you must be a student organization registered with LEAD Center.

To find out about the process for registering your student organization, visit http://campuslife.berkeley.edu/csl

Step 2: In order to become an ASUC-sponsored organization, we need to write a bill

Please email both Daley Vertiz and Sidronio Jacobo at dvertiz@asuc.org and sjacobo@asuc.org so we can write a bill granting your organization ASUC Sponsorship.

Step 3: We suggest that if you need funds for an event you begin by looking at ASUC grants in the AAVP office and the Student Opportunity Fund in the Dean of Students’ Office.

For information on the AAVP Grants, visit https://callink.berkeley.edu/organization/aavpgrants/about

To apply for these grants, your event must fit the description of a specific grant: Academic Opportunity Fund (AOF), Educational Enhancement Fund (EEF), Intellectual Community Fund (ICF), Multicultural Fund (MCF), Public Service Fund (PSF). The application consists of a short application and an interview. The maximum for most grants is $500 per event.

For information on the Student Opportunity Fund (SOF), visit https://students.berkeley.edu/myberkeley/misc/opfund.asp.

The maximum per event is $2000.00. This is a great funding source for large-scale conferences; however, it pertains to many different types of events.

Step 4: Email us to write a funding bill submitted to Finance Committee.

A bill can be written to fund a specific event that was not accounted for in Spring budgeting. The Finance Committee controls money in the Senate Contingency Fund (general funding source) and the Greek Opportunity Fund (funding source for greek events). Please email us details regarding your need for a bill by emailing Daley Vertiz and Sidronio Jacobo at dvertiz@asuc.org and sjacobo@asuc.org. We will set up a meeting with you to discuss your event. Bills are submitted every Tuesday at 9am and discussed the following Monday evening in Finance Committee. We ask that you please submit your request for a bill at least 3 weeks prior to your event date. $1500 can be the maximum allocation.

Step 5: Spring Budgeting

You must register a student organization for the next academic year to maintain ASUC sponsorship even if you do not receive funding. Student organizations receive funding through the Spring Budgeting process. Spring budgeting is the best way to get your funding through which you detail your organization’s budget for the upcoming academic year and it is budgeted by the ASUC Senate. This usually includes operational costs for running your group (ex. printing, copying, flyers, events that you may have planned out early).

Download and complete the electronic application from the website: http://asuc.org/newsite2010/resources/funding-resources/.
Be sure to use the correct application for your student organization’s classification (Student Activity Group, Student-Initiated Service Group, Publication Group, or Government Program). Consult an ASUC Senator or elected official if you are unsure of your organization’s classification.

Applications are due in March so please remember to submit an application for your group.

We know getting more money is important to student groups, so please email Daley Vertiz and Sidronio Jacobo at dvertiz@asuc.org and sjacobo@asuc.org to set up a meeting for help with finding money for your next event!


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