PRESS RELEASE: ASUC Textbook Scholarship Program


UC Berkeley, March 7th: The ASUC Senate approved Senate Bill 52, A Bill In Support of the ASUC Textbook Scholarship Program authored by CalSERVE Senator Daley Vertiz, CalSERVE AAVP candidate Valerie Jameson, and Monica Ruiz, on the consent calendar Wednesday night. The bill passed unanimously through the Constitutional and Procedural Review Committee of the ASUC Monday night.

The ASUC Textbook Scholarship Program aims to directly address the increasing costs of textbooks, which have risen at more than double the rate of US inflation in the past twenty years. The new ASUC program will provide students with the opportunity to apply for scholarships ranging from $100-$250 to be used for textbooks at the Cal Student Store. A portion of the funds awarded will be refueled into the ASUC through its commercial relationship with the Cal Student Store.

Students from all economic backgrounds will be eligible to apply for this scholarship; however, the strict allocation breakdown of funds will divert the most resources to students most in financial need. The allocation breakdown aims to make the greatest impact on students most affected by the soaring costs of textbooks.

The passage of SB 52 allocates $2000 a year to this new ASUC program. The authors of the bill hope to work towards the long-term sustainability of this scholarship through a comprehensive fundraising effort across various campus departments. Students can look for the release of the Textbook Scholarship application in April on the ASUC website.

For more information, please contact:
Daley Vertiz
ASUC Senator

ASUC Textbook Scholarship Press Release

A Bill In Support of the ASUC Textbook Scholarship Program


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