Wrapping Up Fall 2012…

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all off to a great semester. In wrapping up Fall 2012, I wanted to share a list of my Senate Office’s accomplishments with you all. I want to thank you all for your support!

Community Work

• Voto Latino 2012
o Established the first Voto Latino RAZA Coalition to engage our community in the November 2012 election and inform students about the need to inform ourselves about legislation on the ballot and educate our community on the importance of voting.
o Coalition organizations: Office of the RAZA ASUC Senators, Lambda Theta Alpha, Lambda Theta Phi, and Omega Phi Beta.
o Registered over 500 students and community members before the October 22nd voter registration deadline.
o Tabled over 50 hours on Xican@ corner.
o Along with Senator Lieu, I organized the first ever National Voter Registration Day at UC Berkeley on September 25 (250 students registered on NVRD alone).
o Community Registration Day at MacArthur BART to inform community members about the voter registration deadline (60 Bay Area community members registered).
o Educated the community through distributing resources informing them about voting day logistics and propositions.
o Facilitated Proposition debate for RAZA RRC interns
o Organized Presidential Debate Viewing Party as a RAZA General Body Meeting

• Save MSD: The fight for the Multicultural Student Development Offices
o I have been active in the planning of the fight for the MSD offices
o I have been a part of all major townhalls, both RAZA specific ones and Multicultural ones
o My interns sit on both the Outreach and Action committees through which I continue to stay informed about this issue
o I have been verbal in making sure the community is informed about all meetings through Facebook outreach to various RAZA groups and writing emails to the community.

• Organization Funding Outreach
o Sent community letter to organizations explaining the three sources of funding: Student Opportunity Fund, AAVP Grants, and Senate Contingency Fund.
o Met with Hermanos Unidos, Hermanas Unidas, Lambda Theta Nu, and Lambda Theta Phi to explain all funding sources in depth.
o Make sure to email dvertiz@asuc.org and sjacobo@asuc.org to set up a meeting!

• RAZA Day “Cal Leadership” Workshop
o My office organized a leadership workshop where we talked to middle school and high school students about the many leadership opportunities.

• RAZA Senator Townhall
o Organized 2 part Townhall selection process to select new RAZA senate candidates to run in Spring 2013.
o Thanks to everyone who was part of the process! It just begins now. There will be plenty of opportunities to help get 2 RAZA Senators elected.

Platform Accountability

• Voto Latino 2012
o Registered over 500 students and community members through campaign spanning 2 months.
o Educated community on legislation and voting logistics.

• Increased Access to Student Services
o Promoted the opening of the SLC to 24 hour study access through community emails and Facebook outreach.
o Part of the Committee for the Future of the Library under the AAVP to ensure long=term plan for increasing Moffitt Library hours during midterm and final season, without cutting access to smaller libraries like the Ethnic Studies Library.

• Diversifying Career Center Resources
o Met with Tom Devlin, Career Center Director
o Working to institutionalize ASUC committee composed of a variety of majors to give feedback to the Career Center on the relevance of its resources to students from a variety of colleges and majors.
o Collaborating with Senator Bellet to create Internship for Credit Program, through which students would be able to receive 2 units for an internship during the school year. We hope the program will be institutionalized by next Fall 2013.

ASUC Committee Work

• Standing Committee on University Relations and External Affairs
o This committee meets every Monday at 9pm in the Blue Conference Room, 112 Hearst Gym. All community members are welcome.
o In this committee, I have been able to debate bills relating to University and external affairs. This has been a great semester to se3rve on this committee because I have been able to learn how to deconstruct legislation on the November 2012 ballot and learn how to take a stance in a debate. Along with Senator Megan Majd, we have been able to successfully pass bills taking a YES position on Proposition 30, 34, 36, and Measure S. We have also been able to take a NO stance on Proposition 32.

• RISE Scholarship Committee
o Committee for development of RISE Scholarships given by the AAVP office to AB540 students. Look out for the application in Spring 2013.

• Business Development Committee, Commercial Student Services Board (CSSB)
o This committee plans the development of the new commercial spaces in Lower Sproul after Redevelopment
o I have been a part of the process of developing RFP’s that determine the characteristics that we want the new vendors in the Food Court and Bookstore to embody.

• Campaign Finance Reform Committee
o This committee is tasked with setting new guidelines on the money spent by political parties on ASUC campaigns.

• Committee on the Future of the Library
o Committee to develop long-term plan for increasing library hours.