Hello Community!

Senate Office Heading
Hello Community,

After a very successful 1st month of the school year, our blog is now LIVE! We have been hard at work.

Voto Latino 2012

We have established a community wide coalition working towards ensuring our Latin@ community is registered and educated on important legislation affecting our communities on campus and across California. The coalition is composed of Lambda Theta Alpha Sorority, Inc.; Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity, Inc.; Omega Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.; Sigma Pi Alpha Sorority, Inc.; RAZA community members; and the Office of ASUC RAZA Senators Daley Vertiz and Sidronio Jacobo. To get involved email me at dvertiz@asuc.org!

The Fight for OUR Multicultural Student Development Offices

As you all know, we are in a fight to reaffirm the spaces for which our community fought in the 80’s. Our MSD offices and their Directors, including Lupe Gallegos of the CLSD, are in danger of being demoted. Last Wednesday night, over 40 community members showed up to represent for our communities! An ASUC Bill in Support of the MSD Offices and their Directors was discussed and passed unanimously by the 18 Senators present. Although this is a temporary win that will allow us to put further pressure on the Vice Chancellor to reinstate our Directors and Offices’ positions, we must remember that the fact we are needing to reaffirm these spaces fought for by our communities is unacceptable. We must push forward and work to expand our offices and continue the struggle to expand the resources available to our communities on this campus!

Please get involved by attending the following events:
RAZA MSD Town Hall

ASUC Funding
Please reach out for support with finding funding for any event! Please email Sidronio Jacobo and I at dvertiz@asuc.org and sjacobo@asuc.org. There is money available! We will find a way to support your organization. Please read the ASUC Funding tab of my blog for more information.

Stay tuned for more regular updates!

Daley Vertiz


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